School Programs

Presentations and master classes for the Delaware Valley School District and beyond


January 22 Renowned storyteller-author, David Gonzalez revisited DV primary schools.  watch video

January 25   West Point Academy Wind Quintet taught and performed for students of DVHS.  watch video



February 24  Simple Gifts Duo entertained and enlightened the kids of Dingman-Delaware Primary and Elementary schools with folk music from around the world. video

March 17  World-renowned American virtuoso, Alexander Markov came to DVHS & DDMS to teach and to perform on his acoustic violin and on his uniquely designed Golden electric violin. video  

March 30  Celebrated concert cellist and KSAP's Artistic Director, Yosif Feigelson, performed for and coached cello and other string players at DVHS. 

October 6  Operatic soloists of Philadelphia's renowned Academy of Vocal Arts, soprano Emily Margevich, tenor Angel Gomez and pianist Jose Melendez, visited DDMS and DVHS to offer presentations and a masterclass. see video

November 3  Virtuoso marimbanist/percussionist Greg Giannascoli and pianist Ron Stabinsky performed for the students of DVHS and DDMS. and shared their artistic experience. video



February 24  Noted guitarist, educator and composer, David Cullen teaches classes and plays for the students of Delaware Valley High School. video

April 29  DVHS Jazz Festival. The distinguished judges/clinicians, Patrick Dorian, John Castellano and Michael Carbone, were grading student ensembles from neighboring PA, NJ and NY and offered each a brief workshop. Winners were announced by the end of the day. video

October 11 Flute, viola and piano trio of CreArtBox - a noted nonprofit of musicians and artists in NYC - gave a masterclass and performed for students of DVHS. video

November 4 Resurgam Quartet - an impressive group of aspiring saxophone players from Hartford, CT - visited Dingman-Delaware Middle School to coach and to perform for students. video



June 1  The young star Tesla Quartet offered online presentation Viaggi in Italia, and answered live questions from DVHS orchestra members. video

June 1-3 Popular American conductor/composer/song-leader, Nick Page, conducted three days of Mini-Opera! online workshop for 4th and 5th graders teaching them how to put words to music. video

October 8  A rising marimba soloist, Britton-RenĂ© Collins  came to Delaware Valley High School with a presentation about various percussion instruments and a student workshop. video

November 5  NYC-based ensemble of top orchestral and chamber music players, The Chamberlain Brass performed variety of music and conducted a workshop for brass players at DVHS and DDMS. video



October 9  The distinguished  Finger Lakes Guitar Quartet offered online presentation for DVHS music students. video

November 6 Members of the renowned  Imperial Brass played impressive videos and met online with  DVHS brass players. video

November 21  Former trumpet player with The David Letterman's Late Show, Al Chez,  made online presentation and chatted live with members of DV Jazz Band. video



January 25  GOLDEN RULE:  ODDS BODKIN, storyteller/musician, read empathy awareness related stories accompanied by harp and guitar music at DVSD elementary schools.  video 

April 13 TRIBUTE TO CARLOS SANTANA: NEPA-based 10-men ensemble, SE ACABO, offered student workshop and an evening concert at DDMS auditorium.  video

October 4 GARDEN OF JOYS & SORROWS: Highly virtuosic NYC-based HAT TRICK TRIO  of flute, viola and harp made presentations and a masterclass for students of DVHS & DDMS. video

November 1 INFUSION BAROQUE, a Montreal-based ensemble, visited schools of the Delaware Valley district. video



January 22 FOLK TALES & FABLES: Renowned poet, musician and storyteller, DAVID GONZALEZ visits DVSD elementary schools.  video

April 27 GOT THAT SWING! Led by noted trumpet player,  The Joseph Boga Nonet offered a daytime workshop and an evening concert at DVHS.  video

October 5  RED VIOLIN:  The acclaimed virtuoso-violinistCaroline Goulding  conducted a string workshop and performed at DDMS.  video

November 2 BEES, PLEASE! ENGLEWINDS, an eco-ensemble of woodwinds, performed and gave a student masterclass at DVHS.   video



February 3 KHORIKOS  A Capella Vocal Ensemble at DDMS and DVHS.   video

May 21 THE JOY OF DIXIELAND with PENN DIXIE BANDINDIGO MOON BRASS and DV Jazz Combo. Workshop and concert at DVHS auditorium.    video

October 6 REINVENTING BAROQUE: PUBLIQuartet entertains and teaches at DVHS and DDMS.  video

November 3 TEMPEST OF THE HEART: Ilya Yakushev, piano and Yosif Feigelson, cello at DVHS auditorium.    video



February 29 Mirror Visions Vocal Ensemble at DDMS and DVHS.    video

April 29  Happy Birthday, Duke! The Joseph Boga Octet, DVMS and DVHS jazz bands.   video

October 7  Zodiac Trio and Robert Sherman at DDMS and DDES   video

November 4 Verona String Quartet visits DVHS video



April 25 Cuban Fire! Upper Valley Winds and DVHS Jazz Band.     video

June 5 Singers R'Us: Nick Page with students of DVSD.    video

October 9 Calidore String Quartet at DVHS and DDMS.   video

November 6 Donald Sinta Saxophone Quartet at DVHS.   video


January 17  Liberating MusicalityE. Feygelson, violin, Y. Feigelson, cello.   video

April 25  Jazz singer Chris McNulty, P. Bollenback, guitar, S. Varner, bass.    video

May 16 Eugene Feygelson, violin and Bobby Mitchell, piano.  video

October 3 Musical Odyssey: Guidonian Hand Trombone Quartet.  video

November 14 Lysander Piano Trio visits DVHS.   video


March 11 When Music Meets Art:   video
April 26 Kenny Werner, jazz pianist/composer  video
October 4 Crosswinds Quintet
November 8 Naoko Takada, marimba


February 3 Amphion String Quartet   video
September 29 Russian Treasures: The Feigelson Trio
October 19 Essence of Joy Alumni Singers


February 4 Linden Quartet
March 4  Ensemble Segue   video
September 30 Lion That Could Not Roar: Neolit Ensemble
November 19 Peter and the Wolf


February 7 Phyllis Chen, piano and toy piano  video
March 19 Don Miller Jazz Band
October 21,22 Nu Direction Winds (also at Wallenpaupack schools)


February 6 Yosif Feigelson/Paap Lassmann Duo
April 17 Duo Del Norte, flute/guitar
September 25 Syrabrite5 Chamber Players    video
November 13 Lori Mirabal, soprano


March 14 On Wings of Song: Jamie Van Eyck and Christopher Herbert, singers and Hiromi Fukuda, piano
October 10 Phylos Brass (also at Wallenpaupack schools)
November 7 Carducci String Quartet


January 19 Oxbow Quartet
October 4, 5 Justin Kolb, pianist (also at Wallenpaupack schools)


February 24 Damocles Trio and Robert Sherman, narrator
September 15 Antares Quartet (also at Wallenpaupack schools)


January 30 Alpin Hong, piano
March 6 Sylvan Winds with Scotty Davis, narrator
September 16 Nature in Music: Feigelson/Lassmann Duo


March 4 Sylvan Winds
September 17 Afternoon Serenade: Valerie Saalbach and Stephen Oustig, singers with Mark Pakman, piano


September 4 Hye-Jin Kim, violin


October 4  Vega String Quartet


















Alpin Hong



Jamie Van Eyck



Vega String Quartet