2021 season

Dear Friends,

We are very happy to present to you our 20th anniversary season!

See online presentation on Home page, Youtube Live and Facebook. Other performances will take place outdoors with all necessary health-related precautions. Just bring along your folding chairs, umbrellas, and lots of friends! Remaining events for October through December will be announced at a later time. 

Performances are free to attend this year. No tickets required. Your generous donations would be extremely helpful and much appreciated. Visit  Donate page for details. Thank you. 

Please continue spreading the word about us!

KSAP staff



Friday, May 21, at 7:30 pm, ONLINE PRESENTATION      

VIAGGIO IN ITALIA : Tesla Quartet 

This in-demand classical ensemble will perform music created while traveling through Italy. That includes a string quartet composed by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, who visited Italy three times as a teenager, and Hugo Wolf''s Italian Serenade. Stepping back into the late 16th century, musicians will perform four madrigals by Carlo Gesualdo. Giacomo Puccini's only work for string quartet, an elegy entitled I Crisantemi (The Chrysanthemums), is on the program, as is living composer Giovanni Sollima's "Federico II," which conjures up old and new images of his homeland. Musicians will also offer daytime presentation and workshop for students of DVHS.  Watch video.


Saturday, June 19, at 7 pm 

Milford Park Gazebo, W. Catharine & 5th streets, Milford, PA. 

DISORDERING THE ATTIC : Gillespie/Morton Duo  
Singer Fiona Gillespie and multi-instrumentalist Paul Holmes Morton perform songs that explore human desire. With a program grounded in the Baroque era works from Italy, Spain, Germany, England and France, the two musicians also showcase their love for folk and modern music. video
Saturday, July 17, at 7 pm  
Delmonico Cottage Green, 110 E. Catharine St., Milford, PA.
OF LOVE, HOPE & HEALING : GuruGanesha Band 

The GuruGanesha Band effortlessly spans a multitude of musical styles, from deeply meditative musical compositions that unfold like lotus petals, to the spellbinding fusion of Indian raga and Western jazz, to full-on bhakti infused rock. The band expresses a universal musical language that transcends boundaries, cultures, and generations. video    Sponsored in part by Milford Hospitality Group and Milford Theater.

Saturday, August 7, from 2 to 7 pm  
Delmonico Cottage Green, Milford Park Gazebo, other locations throughout the historic district of Milford, PA. 
Free performances by groups of aspiring and established artists.
Watch video clips. See the brochure page 1 page 2
Made possible by a generous grant from Greater Pike Community Foundation, Richard L. Snyder Fund.  
Saturday, August 21, at 5:30 pm 
Grey Towers N.H.S. in Milford, PA. Note venue change! See important details here
AMERICAN IN PARIS : Empire Wild   
An extremely exploratory young trio featuring two cellists and a guitarist brings to life original arrangements and a passion for finding common threads among disparate genres. From singing along to Cole Porter to Debussy’s charming Suite Bergamasque, this trio leads listeners on a trip to musical magic. video
Sunday, September 12, at 4 pm 
Delmonico Cottage Green, 110 E. Catharine St., Milford, PA.
RHYTHM & BLUES REINVENTED : Al Chez's Brothers of Funk                  
Trumpet player and composer Al Chez, well known as a 25-year favorite on the David Letterman Show, brings his own group of musician friends to perform some surprising arrangements of R & B classics and his original music. Dancing and singing along is  encouraged. Great show for an entire family! Sponsored in part by Milford Hospitality Group and Milford Theater.



Preliminary remaining dates:

October 9, November 13, December 11.

Artists, locations and times TBA.  



















Tesla Quartet


Disordering the Attic


GuruGanesha Band


Empire Wild


Al Chez's Brothers of Funk